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Break-Away Outdoors began from a simple idea - provide outdoor hunting adventures for children who do not usually have these kinds of opportunities.  A group of college friends had the chance to participate in such an adventure with young people from Palmer Home for Children in Columbus, MS. In 2003, Yellow Creek Wildlife and Timber hosted a small hunt on Mississippi's Youth Hunt Weekend for the children from Palmer Home, where Break-Away's founding members helped coordinate the event and acted as hunting guides for several of the children in attendance. The children enjoyed a morning of target shooting, instruction from Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks game wardens, and lunch with the hosts and hunting guides. Guides and hosts then spent the afternoon and evening with the children in individual hunting blinds, harvesting five deer for the day. When the children left after dinner at the main camp, everyone knew that this day had been the beginning of something special.
Since that first event, the idea has grown in the hearts and minds of the group of friends who were so moved by their experience with the children. Over the years, other events have only served to bolster the hope that one day, these events could be offered to as many children as possible. The idea of forming a non-profit organization was a recurring theme, and in 2010, the idea started to become a reality. As of 01/01/2011 Break-Away Outdoors became a 501C3 rated non-profit organization. Break-Away Outdoors strives to provide exciting hunting and fishing trips for young people who have no opportunity otherwise, whether because of illness, handicap, financial hardships, or unfortunate circumstances. In particular, we hope to help young people who have a genuine interest in wildlife and the outdoors, but because of a particular situation are unable to have the experiences that we often take for granted. We have all been so fortunate to grow up with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors - now that we are in a position to help others, it is our hope to make a positive difference in the lives of young people by passing on such experiences to them.
Making dreams come true one adventure at a time.
This project is supported by the 2011 Youth Participation Initiative Program of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks